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Yoga Teachers Training

Yoga Teachers Training is not just a way to level up your yoga practice but also embark a new journey on a yogic path. When we opt a professional yoga course program we don’t just work as yoga teachers, we take responsibilities as healers, as light bearers who work on transforming lives of people.

At Zelosity yoga teachers training program works on the practical and theoretical aspect of yogic training and trains the practitioner holistically. We are teaching 200 hours yoga teachers training course as an associate of Arogya Yogshala which is a yoga alliance registered.


  • Training is for anyone who is ready to experience Yoga deeper. This training is appropriate for:
  • Someone interested in becoming a skilled yoga teacher
  • Already established yoga teachers wanting to deepen their practice or move it in a therapeutic direction.
  • Medical & mental health professionals wanting to understand yoga’s multidimensional approach to the human system and how to use breathing, attention and movement meaningfully with their clients
  • Someone interested in deepening their understanding of yoga for their own personal practice and evolution. If you simply enjoy yoga, have seen the effects it’s had on you and want to know more or understand why, then this is also for you!
  • This training is for those who want to understand the full spectrum of how Yoga can change their lives and those who want grow, heal, and be of service to the world around them.


  • Hatha Yoga asana and sun salutation
  • Shatkarma
  • Pranayam and Meditation
  • Demonstration’s principle
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Principles of yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy and ancient scriptures
  • Ashtanga Vinayasa Mysore Style
  • Yog Mudras
  • Chakra Nadis
  • Asana alignment class
  • Teaching Skills



Yoga Teachers Training 

From Studio and Online as well!  

Begin your Yoga Journey as an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher! 


Join our Yoga alliance affiliated 200 Hours YTTC!



Extensive training by a faculty with more than 12 years of experience! 

Weekday batch - 8th September 

Separate practice hours - Online ! 


Hatha yoga

Ashtanga Vinayasa Flow

Teaching skills 

Online internship 

Placement assistance 

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